The History of Fish & Chips

No one is certain of the origins of fish and chips, but fried fish is thought to have been introduced by Jews in the 17th century. Fish and chips were long sold separately, but an Ashkenazi Jewish immigrant called Joseph Malin is widely considered the first to bring the two together at his shop in the East End of London 1860.

A century and a half later, Millers Fish & Chips and over 10,000 other shops are continuing what’s now one of Britain’s favourite traditions.

Is there a more perfect match than fish and chips? Flaky white fish, kept moist by a protective layer of crispy, deep-fried batter, alongside salty chunky chips doused in salt and vinegar.

We British get through an estimated 167 million servings per year; it’s an enduring tradition that shows no signs of retreat.

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